Westside Gunn "Riots On Fashion Avenue" (CD)

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Product: CD (Limited Edition)

Artist: Westside Gunn / Mil

Album: Riots On Fashion Avenue

Release Date: February 10, 2017



01 Fly Shit (Intro)

02 Brains Flew By

03 Don’t Trust A Soul

04 Brains Flew By (1964 version)

05 Don’t Trust A Soul (7th Avenue version)

06 No Face Dealer (Outro) feat. Dj Djaz 

07 Fly Shit (instrumental)

08 Brains Flew By (instrumental)

09 Don’t Trust A Soul (instrumental)

10 Brains Flew By (1964 version) (instrumental)

11 Don’t Trust A Soul (7th Avenue version) (instrumental)

12 No Face Dealer (instrumental)


All Songs Performed by Westside Gunn

All Songs Produced by Mil

Mixed & Mastered by Miloud Sassi for db Master Pro

Photo, Art Direction & Graphic Design by Gustavimages



Album Description

The scene takes place 381 miles away from the epicenter of Hip Hop, New York city. It's in Buffalo that Westside Gunn has learned how to control a mic the 5 borough way. He's always had an attraction for melodious sounds and a ferocious hunger for grimy beats straight out the MPC; completed by a rhyme book directly connected to the streets' concrete. 

Across the Atlantic, the Effiscienz sound came through the cities' blocks to reach the headphones of the one who has already blessed music from the likes of Apollo Brown or the Alchemist... 

Already in control of Conway's EP and Mood's LP, Mil takes charge of the productions by adapting to Westside Gunn's rough flow, making it sound like a "film noir" with harrowing sounds. 
In this dark atmosphere dimly lit by a few strings, the stormy kicks and bass have naturally magnetized the Buffalo rhymer to the groove of this EP stamped with the seal of the Parisian label. 

Six songs including two in which Mil has 
completely changed the soundtrack and vocals to transform the originals. 
Six tracks with two instrumentals, to fully enjoy Mil's music without vocals and wait until the release of his album with Main Flow. 

A record that, like Riot On Fashion Avenue, will be part of the great hip hop tradition of which EFFISCIENZ carries the flame. 


Executive Produced by Loscar

EFFISCIENZ Copyright 2017